Friday, November 14, 2008

The Emergency Room

Yesterday we were heading out to the store and Dell fell down the stairs. She was walking outside and she was holding her baby doll and trip down the stairs. It was bleeding pretty bad so I thought that we should take her to the doctor, Brian thought that she would be ok. Well we ended up taking her to the emergency room, brian dropped us off and took Savannah and Sage to Cal-Ranch. Brian was right she didn't need stitches. The doctor was funny, i told her how brian said that he could fix her eye and she agreed so she gave me some glue and some bandages for next time and said here give this to your husband.
What Dell needs : coke & lamby

Gus Gus

Today we went to get Luanne a boyfriend. Gus is our new basset hound. He is 4, Lu gets along really well with him , she is in heat. This will be her first litter so that will be exciting. I thought that the girls would have fun going to get him and playing with him, but i guess they are use to dogs, we do have 5 now. So they didn't think he was too neat. Gus is a good dog, he is breed really well, he hasn't been worked with a lot, so Brian has to train him. Them being the only boys and all they will be hanging out a lot.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sage can walk!

Sage is walking really good now. Here newborn shoes finally fit!


Dell learned how to move Sage's seat so now she can get into everything.

Her favorite thing to do is pick and eat as many plums as she can. The one she stashed for later didn't make it.


Adelia is potty trained! Well so far. She has to put her panties on all by herself and this is normally what happens.

More Puppy Pictures

Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a fun halloween. We went to our ward trunk or treat, then to a little party. The Girls had fun, i wish i could of got a picture of them all together and happy! Brian dressed up like a sheep, and i didn't get a picture. We got him a sweat suit and put cotton balls all over it. Then he wore a black hat with ears and black socks. I cant believe i didn't get a picture! Savannah did her own makeup.