Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cousin Sadie

I had to get the pictures off my phone, We had to have pictures of Sadie, i am sad they didn't turn out. Next time use the real camera. The girls love there new cousin, its kind of funny, at first they didn't want to hold her and then they all warmed up too her, just like when June was born. By the end of the visit Sage was attached. She was trying to carry her around like she does June. Sadie is so cute i can't believe that my babies were all around that size its crazy. They grow so fast. I hope we see here again soon.

Phone pictures

here are some pictures that i got off my phone. Adelia is getting kindergarten shots, so glad i took the picture before, poor girl had to get 6 shots. Sage and Dell getting hair cuts, something that they love to do now and want there hair cut all the time.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sage found out that June can fit in the baby stroller, i dont know how she got her in it wasn't easy to get her out.
jep & brenda came to visit sorry brenda we only got pictures of jep.