Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Brian took the girls into clairs while we were at the mall the other day, they picked out magnet earings and lip gloss. Dell has little stars but you cant see them. They got to watch a little girl get her ears pierced but they both want to wait until they are older.

Savannah's saddle

Savannah rode on her saddle all day on the arm of the couch and then she fell asleep with her head on it. She has done this twice now.

Merry Christmas!

I took like 8 pictures of the girls before church and well this is the best one! I finally turned on the tv so thats what they are looking at.


WE are having fun having Roxy at our house. She went in her kennel to get a little alone time but Sage followed her and then some how locked them both in.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh, Adelia

Adelia Adelia Adelia

Del was climbing from the toilet to the counter and fell in between them and bit her lip, all the way though! you can kid of see the cut on the outside, the inside is a lot worse. Any way there was blood every where and Brian was gone, so i tried to call him and he didn't answer. Thank goodness for Brenda i called her and she told me what to do. I don't know why but when my child is bleeding badly i cant think. Its a day later and the hole is already healed. hope fully it wont scar.

(sorry about the bad picture)

Savannah putting pudding on her face, i think that she thinks its like makeup!
oh no!


Sage is getting so big! I can't believe it. All of her cute faces!


Our Pet Pigeon! He follows us around when we are playing outside.
Savannah named him piggee.He has tried to fly into our house twice now.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Family Pictures

Mindy came over to take some Pictures, I don't know how she got brian to smile but good job!
We had such a good time in Oregon it was so good to see everyone. Our trip was short but fun.

Razzel Dazzel

Aunt Mel Promised Savannah that she would take her to the Carolsale in Salem. Of course Vannah picked the biggest horse that she could find.
Thanks Aunt Mel! She had a Blast and even got to see the Real Santa.

Carson & Savannah

Savannah and Carson were watching a movie at Grandma Betsy's house.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


When our car was quite, i thought that i would take some pictures of what was going on. Savannah held the puppy all the way to Oregon, Adelia woke up from here nap and was having lunch, and Sage was watching dora! Oh, it was only quite for about 2 minutes.


A couple of weeks ago we went to logan to deliver some puppies, we stop and April & Brett's house. My kids asked where are the toys, April did what she could and found some things to dress up in.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Emergency Room

Yesterday we were heading out to the store and Dell fell down the stairs. She was walking outside and she was holding her baby doll and trip down the stairs. It was bleeding pretty bad so I thought that we should take her to the doctor, Brian thought that she would be ok. Well we ended up taking her to the emergency room, brian dropped us off and took Savannah and Sage to Cal-Ranch. Brian was right she didn't need stitches. The doctor was funny, i told her how brian said that he could fix her eye and she agreed so she gave me some glue and some bandages for next time and said here give this to your husband.
What Dell needs : coke & lamby

Gus Gus

Today we went to get Luanne a boyfriend. Gus is our new basset hound. He is 4, Lu gets along really well with him , she is in heat. This will be her first litter so that will be exciting. I thought that the girls would have fun going to get him and playing with him, but i guess they are use to dogs, we do have 5 now. So they didn't think he was too neat. Gus is a good dog, he is breed really well, he hasn't been worked with a lot, so Brian has to train him. Them being the only boys and all they will be hanging out a lot.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sage can walk!

Sage is walking really good now. Here newborn shoes finally fit!