Wednesday, February 23, 2011

busy, busy

What a crazy couple of months we have had. I am hoping that things start to calm down a little. In January we all go sick twice. Brian got really sick forgot who he was and was in the hospital for 3 days. Thank goodness for Grandma Nikki, April, and Sharla, and everyone else who helped. We lost 2 of our dogs, then found them 4 days later. Brian and Savannah moved the cows. We got Jefferson, a standard poodle stud, he is still a puppy. Got our Taxes done. Sage learned how to make cupcakes by her self. Adelia is so excited for Kindergarten, she is one smart cookie. Brian, savannah, and I spoke in chruch last week. Savannah rocked it. She is really growing up. Little June is doing better she lost weight being sick so we are trying to get it back on her. I am taking her to the doctor this week, so hopefully she gaining. We have sanvannah's parent teacher conference on friday, then dentist check ups for sage and dell. We can't wait to meet April and Brett's Baby. Savannah, Adelia, and Sage are signed up for swimming lessons in April. Savannah and dell are going to play soccer and dell is so so excited. We are planning to go to oregon and North carolina sometime within the next year. I am sure that i forgot half of the things that we did and have planned. But we love living in pingree, and everyone is well and happy,