Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Baby June


checking on the cows

We have had 9 calves born so far this year and the girls love to go in the field with Brian and check on them. Last night after Vannahs soccer game Brian and vannah went to ear tag the newest baby, Honna, I was inside with the other girls and got a call from Brian that she got out and that I need to get in the van and go pick them up. Lucky June was still in her car seat so i grab her and Dell and Sage and we ran barefoot to the car. We drove down to the neighbors and found Savannah and Brian but no Calf so we drove around and could not find her, so i dropped Savannah and Brian off, and drove down a side road to the archer hwy and there she was running down the middle of the hwy. So I got her in the field and went and picked up Brian and Savannah who had walked almost a mile and through all kinds of brush. Well Brian is not happy at this little thing, so after some more chasing when he gets the chance to finally catch her, he jumps on top of her they ear tag her and how does she get back to the house but in the front seat on the van.


Savannah just started soccer and she loves it. She gets better and better with every game, they have had three.