Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a fun summer!

We have had a really fun summer, i will try to remember it all. June turned one, Savannah turned 7, Adelia turned 5, she had a great birthday party at the lake, aunt Mary took the pictures i cant wait to see them. We went to Boise twice, and got to visit Family. We went to North Carolina and had a blast with everyone there.The girls did really well traveling, they loved the beach. Savannah and Dell got swimmers itch from the lake, not fun. We got a new puppy, Edith. June learned how to walk. Vannah and Dell had a sleepover at grandma Nelsons they had so much fun. Sage took her turn yesterday, grandma came to get her, they went to McDonalds,the zoo, and the park. Then Sage wanted to come home, when grandma brought her back she was asleep. Lots of sprinkler under the trampoline, lots of staying up late and sleeping in. Now its back to school! Adelia was so excited to ride the bus, i hope that she has a great first day of Kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011