Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sage the Babysitter

I went visiting teaching the other day, this is what i found when i got home, thank goodness Sage didn't burn the house down. The other day brian gave her some matches to play with she thinks that they are so neat. I asked him what he was thinking when i saw her eating them, i mean they were gone, he didn't see what she was doing and said, " What it's not like she can light them". It was so funny.


Monday, June 8, 2009


The girls all wanted to sleep up on the top bunk, this is how it started, i said close your eyes and go to sleep, Dell and Vannah have that one down, Sage thinks thats she is really fooling me.
Goodnight kisses
Then its over, about one minute later Sage has had enough

Dress up

Sage has learned how to play dress up! Her new favorite thing is to run around naked, she will take off all of her clothes and just run. she hates to wear diapers, most of the time i have to put panties on over the top. Hopefully she will be potty trained soon.

Adelia Fightin Mad

I heard Adelia yelling in the hall way, so I went to see what the problem was. She was pushing her stroller with bags over the handles, and it kept falling over. I tried to help but it only made it worse. She finally figured out that if she had a baby in the front it would stay up.